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Hello, I'm Ellie,

Londoner - book Worm - Chronic optimist

I fell in love with the way the camera can go beyond the surface, how it can capture a feeling and not just a memory. My promise is to give you photographs that are timeless, fun and cinematic. We all want to pretend to be in a movie at least once in our lives!

I want to help you remember what it felt like to wear that dress, hold that hand and stand in front of that sunset because I know one day, you might need those memories to keep going. Life is beautiful and I want to capture it.

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This city has always played a huge role in my life. I spent my childhood going to museums with my grandparents and ballet with my mother. Throughout my teens I would save up my pocket money and get the train to get last-minute tickets to musicals. As a student I would bury myself in Bloomsbury finding obscure German literature and now as an adult, it's been home for 6 years. My favourite pastime is just walking through the streets and parks - I love the history and the vibrance.

Nora Ephron

My favourite film of all time is When Harry met Sally followed closely by You've Got Mail. There's something so magical about pithy dialogue, Meg Ryan, great knitwear and New York City. I often say that I want to be the Nora Ephron of photography because I just think her work is timeless and full of personality. The way she makes urban spaces feel intimate and nostalgic inspires whenever I have a shoot in London.


I love nothing more than stumbling across a bookshop and spending hours browsing the shelves. Reading is not just a hobby, it's a necessity. The structure of story-telling fascinates me and I love how reading sparks the movie in my mind.

My Wedding

I'm married to the wonderful Rowan and we live in a book-filled apartment in Hackney. We had our February wedding in London, honeymooned in New York and then pretty much went straight into lockdown - it was wild! I love being married and I loved our wedding - it's the reason why I am so passionate about this job. I just love LOVE. You can read more about our wedding by clicking on the link below.

Our Wedding


I'm a Germanophile through and through. As a child I lived in Düsseldorf for two years and then went on to study German literature at university. Every year I try to visit Berlin at least once - the city and its people inspire me so much.

Film-Making and Acting

One of the reasons I decided to pursue photography was to be able to start funding my own short films and web-series. Outside of my photography business I work as an actor and film-maker, so you can trust that story-telling is in my bones. I have learned plenty of tips and tricks to help settle the nerves that I love to share with my clients. I find that my work in the entertainment industry sharpens my visual storytelling eye and always reinvigorates me.

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